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How would you like to help? There are many ways you can support 色抖视频 students. Donate to one of our giving funds today.

Give today! Learning is our strength and community is our passion.

Your donation to the 色抖视频 Foundation will make an immediate impact in helping the student to build their career through innovative and experiential learning.  All qualifying donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt. 

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Monthly giving helps your gift have a greater impact year-round.

Our monthly donor program provides consistent and invaluable support to campus projects and emerging student needs. By choosing to give in this way, you are reducing administration costs and impact on the environment, while supporting students.

When you join this giving family, you’ll receive one single tax receipt at the beginning of the year that includes all your donations from the previous year. For employee payroll donors, your tax credit is applied directly to your T4. You will also receive our newsletters, annual reports, and special updates.

  1. Download the 色抖视频 employee payroll giving form
  2. Start your recurring donation by credit card

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Whether you want to send condolences to a family or friend, honour an instructor, or celebrate a birthday or other special occasion — consider a tribute donation to support the 色抖视频 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion project fund. Help eliminate financial, cultural, and societal barriers so all students can access and enjoy their chosen program of study.

The 色抖视频 Foundation will acknowledge your tribute gift with a note to the individual (without disclosing the amount). Messages provided at the time of your donation will also be passed along to the recipients through an e-card. You will also receive an acknowledgment.

When you make plans for a legacy donation, you are giving a future gift that will provide for the 色抖视频 Foundation in the years to come. There are many meaningful ways to make a lasting difference. A couple of the more common ways include:

  • Give a gift in your Will
  • Donate an RRSP, RRIF or TFSA

If you have already arranged a gift – thank you! Please let us know, so we can thank you personally and keep you up to date on areas that interest you.

Bequests made through a Will allow you to make a contribution to the future of the 色抖视频 Foundation, often a contribution that you could not consider making during your lifetime. Planning your legacy gift to the 色抖视频 Foundation can be as simple as talking to your family and instructing your lawyer to add a clause into your Will

Here are some samples of Will clause language, which is information your lawyer will need to activate your wishes.

These sample will clauses are intended for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as legal advice. We encourage donors to seek legal counsel when making provisions for a charitable gift in their Will.

Legal Name and Address

色抖视频 Foundation
1155 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5T 4V5

Charitable Registration Number

119282846 RR 0001

Support the 色抖视频 Foundation with a future gift, by naming us as the beneficiary of your registered savings accounts. Donate the proceeds of a registered account such as a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), a registered retirement income fund (RRIF), or a tax-free savings account (TFSA) is a great way to save month and/or defer tax payments into the future.

Make your gift:

  • Name the 色抖视频 Foundation the beneficiary of your registered account
  • Maintain full use of your account during your lifetime
  • After your passing, the 色抖视频 Foundation receives any remaining funds 

Legal name and address

色抖视频 Foundation
1155 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5T 4V5

Charitable registration number

119282846 RR 0001

You can donate publicly listed shares and securities including: stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares instead of giving cash, creating tax savings.

Gifting securities is one of the most tax-effective ways to give, extending your savings beyond the donation tax credit. Transferring these assets to the 色抖视频 Foundation, you will receive a donation receipt for the fair market value of the security and will also benefit from the complete elimination of the capital gains tax on those shares.  As a result, the combined savings can be quite remarkable, with an after-tax cost that could be less than one-half of the gift! 

Gifts of securities can be made in any amount and can also be gifted to charity in your will. This type of donation will decrease any capital gains that may occur within your estate.

Most securities are held electronically and can be easily transferred from your brokerage account to a brokerage account held by 色抖视频 Foundation.

We recommend consulting with your professional advisor, before making a gift of publicly traded securities.

Ready to donate your securities?

Download the Security Transfer Form

The 色抖视频 Foundation is looking for opportunities to find creative ways to partner with businesses and local organizations. Partnerships offer brand extension opportunities, and a way to align your organizational values and grow your social profile while demonstrating a clear commitment to 色抖视频 and our community. From small, independent businesses to large corporations, we have partnership opportunities that can fit your corporate profile and engagement goals.

Our Partnership Program offers a variety of options that can help achieve your community investment objectives while lending support to student projects and programs.

Your business can make an impact!

  1. Corporate donations
    The 色抖视频 Foundation will work with your company to design a customized partnership strategy that meets your company’s objectives. You can support specific programs or projects that align with your corporate culture or simply give where it is needed most.
  2. Event sponsorship
    Sponsorships are available for a variety of special events including our signature events: Flourish, 色抖视频 Day and our Outstanding Alumni Awards.
  3. Workplace fundraisers
    Fundraisers held by and organized by your employees can encourage team building, while promoting your organizational commitment to the surrounding community. Consider incorporating a fundraiser in an already-established workplace event. Or perhaps plan your event around a product launch, corporate announcement or anniversary. Review the events relevant to your workplace or employee

Are you able to donate equipment and/or other items that 色抖视频 could use? If so, you could make a gift-in-kind donation. 色抖视频 will gladly accept any gifts-in-kind for which there is a use within the college. A donation receipt may be issued for the fair market value of the gift, based on an independent third-party evaluation of the gift.

Gift-in-kind donor form

Our employees help make 色抖视频 a difference every day. 

色抖视频 is proud to inspire a new generation of students to discover their passions, gain essential skills, and learn what it takes to succeed in a competitive workforce. This inspiration comes from the faculty and staff who work to support each student in their quest to prepare for their chosen career.  There is a strong spirt of giving to ensure students have the technology, resources and support to succeed in their chosen program. Thanks to you, our faculty and staff, our students go on to do amazing things.

Each year in November our employees come together to raise funds to support our students, beyond the classroom. During the Giving Tuesday Campaign all donations made by employees are matched by the College/Foundation.

Our employee-giving community continues to grow each year. In 2022, over 106 色抖视频 employees helped to fund scholarships, bursaries, awards, and projects and helped to ensure that every student has the supports they need on their educational journey. 

色抖视频 Employee Payroll Giving

As a monthly donor, you can have an incredible impact on 色抖视频 students. Here are some examples of how you can make an ongoing

  • $10 per month = $120 a year provides one Student Hamper
  • $25 per month = $300 a year can help support an Emergency Bursary
  • $42 per month = $500 a year. You can create a named scholarship, bursary or award to honour or support a student. 

How to sign up:

Complete our monthly giving form below to start the process.

Already a monthly donor? You can also use this form to increase your monthly gift. 

Monthly donor sign up form

For more information please contact:

Moira Gookstetter, MA CFRE