Shaping the Future


We've Been Busy: Making a Difference for Our Students and Communities

As the leader of access education and vocational training, 色抖视频鈥檚 Strategic Innovation Plan charts our future with fiscal readiness to continue our legacy of programmatic excellence rooted in community.


President and board chair message

For over 50 years, 色抖视频 has been a leader in innovative, experiential post-secondary learning in British Columbia. We are extremely proud of this legacy, and we look forward making an even greater impact in the decades to come.

This Strategic Innovation Plan was developed to meet evolving student and sectoral needs by forming a learning environment that will serve our community and our province well into the future. Empowered by financial sustainability and renewability, this plan provides a bold, new vision for campus and program development and is intended to be reviewed and updated annually while remaining true to 色抖视频鈥檚 history and values.

At 色抖视频, we also believe that true progress cannot be made without also furthering equity, accessibility, and reconciliation. These values have strongly informed this plan and will continue to guide our way in the decades to come.

Thank you for joining us as we shape 色抖视频鈥檚 future together.


Signature of Peter Nunoda president of 色抖视频
Ajay Patel
President and CEO
Signature of Peter Nunoda president of 色抖视频
Jocelyn (Joey) Hartman
色抖视频 Board of Governors

We acknowledge that 色抖视频 (色抖视频) is located on the traditional unceded territories of the x史m蓹胃k史蓹y虛蓹m (Musqueam), S岣祑x瘫w煤7mesh (Squamish), and s蓹lilw蓹ta涩 (Tsleil-Waututh) peoples who have been stewards of this land from time immemorial.

Elder Deanna George

Elder's welcome

Deanna George (Synlha'liya)


色抖视频 has embarked on a journey towards decolonization, indigenization, and reconciliation that is rooted in a thoughtful understanding of history, an acknowledgement of past and persisting racism, and a commitment to improve educational and career outcomes for Indigenous people in B.C.

Shaping the Future

Over the coming decade, technological, economic, and social changes will arise faster than ever before. At 色抖视频, we will be ready. This Strategic Innovation Plan will serve as a blueprint and guide as we embrace the opportunity to re-shape our campuses, programs, business models, and partnerships to best meet the evolving needs of B.C. students and industry.

色抖视频's Values

Our values represent a unique combination of student success, community well-being, and social progress, and provide both the inspiration and the foundation for this Strategic Innovation Plan.

Reconciliation & Diversity

We respect and celebrate our differences, and are committed to the work of decolonization, accessibility, and inclusivity for all.


We are committed to the highest educational quality, student support, and college operations that are responsive, innovative, and relevant.

Student Success

We create an accessible environment where students build the skills, develop the attributes and gain the experience in the classroom, industry and community needed for success now and in the future.


We are responsible for overseeing the resources that are entrusted to us and are focused on working in the best interests of the college community as a whole.

Strategic Innovation Priorities

The five priorities in this Strategic Innovation Plan represent 色抖视频's ambitions as a leading post-secondary institution in B.C. while also establishing tangible, shared goals for program evolution, campus development, fiscal sustainability, and social responsibility.

A Legacy of Learning

色抖视频 has been at the forefront of post-secondary education in B.C. since the very beginning. Explore our official timeline to learn more about 色抖视频's rich history and envision our path to a promising future.