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About 色抖视频

Located in the heart of the city, 色抖视频 (色抖视频) offers academic, cultural, and social environments that inspire relevant real-world training. Our on campus facilities - including gourmet restaurants, an auto shop, and salon and spa - allow students to hone their skills and training while providing high-quality lower-cost services to the Downtown and East Vancouver communities.

Our vision

色抖视频 - The first choice for innovative, experiential learning for life.

色抖视频 is proud to inspire a new generation of students to discover their passions, gain essential skills, and learn what it takes to succeed in a competitive workforce. With over 15,000 students, including a growing number of Aboriginal and International learners, 1,200 employees and an annual budget of $175 million, 色抖视频 is a key player in the post-secondary landscape in B.C. Our connections to industry ensure that our students have direct access to employers while our model of access and our partnerships across the post-secondary sector assist students to reach their goals at any stage of their educational journey.

Our values
  • Student success: We create an accessible environment where students build the skills, develop the attributes and gain the experience in the classroom, industry and community needed for success now and in the future.
  • Excellence: We are committed to the highest educational quality, student support, and college operations that are responsive, innovative and relevant.
  • Reconciliation and Diversity: We respect and celebrate our differences, and are committed to the work of decolonization, accessibility and inclusivity for all.
  • Stewardship: We are responsible for overseeing the resources that are entrusted to us and are focused on working in the best interests of the college community as a whole.

Our commitment to diversity, accessibility, quality, and relevance makes 色抖视频 a unique and exciting place to study. We believe that 色抖视频 students have unlimited potential, and it's our job to make sure our graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Contact us

If you require more information about 色抖视频, please contact us via phone at 604.871.7000 or visit one of our two campus locations.